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What do Steiner solutions looks like in action? Get a first-hand look at our different applications including back chamfer operations, back spotface operations and more.

Live Video Demos

What is the Autofacer?

See what sets it apart and take a look at its applications in actions.

Autofacer: Heavy equipment part

Watch it perform back spotface on a steel heavy equipment part; cutting diameter of Ø10.50″.

Autofacer: Power generation component

By customer request, this Autofacer is hand-activated with extra-long length-to-back-spotface parts with different cross sections.

Autofacer: Bump style demo

The Autofacer is capable of performing heavy interrupted cuts and very large metal removal.

Autofacer: Torque Bar style

Watch a Torque Bar style Autofacer machine the seat pockets of a gate valve.

Bilz Powerbore Demo

Watch the demo of a Ø3.973 (100mm) H. Bilz Powerbore being run on a HAAS TL4.

Autofacer: Windmill Component

Watch a live demo of the Autofacer machining a windmill component.

Inertia-Style Autofacer

See the demo and animation of how it saves time while machining a cast-iron part.

Digital Animations

Bump-style Autofacer activation sequence

Cone-activated Autofacer

Torque-bar Autofacer

Inertia-style Autofacer

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