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Case Study

Hydraulic Cylinder Case Study

Customer Profile: A Mississippi machining & fabricating company dedicated to supplying components to automotive, heavy truck and heavy equipment industry.

Cycle time savings of 45 to 60 minutes per part


Speed up the spot facing process on a heavy equipment component while improving surface finish. The application requirement was to decrease part process time per part while eliminating quality problems associated with the original process. Bad finishes and a 50% rejection rate made solving this issue mission critical.

Steiner Solution:

The original process consisted of (3) CT5O integral shank back boring bars. This tool used expensive inserts @$60 each that could only be order in packs of 50. The feature was a 70.75mm (2.785) bore reaching thru 55mm (2.17) to generate a 150 mm (5.905) spot face. The spot face also had a 6mm (.236) corner radius and a 4.5mm x 45° ID chamfer. This feature was machined in 3 steps and produced surface quality inconsistencies with blends between the 3 steps. Steiner process machined the complete feature (l.D. Chamfer, Spot Face & Corner radius) in one pass. The Autofacer® was run at 150 RPM and a feed rate of 0.8 IPM


The customer realized a cycle time savings of 45 to 60 minutes per part, making the Steiner Solution 2 to 2.6 times faster than the old process and at the same time reducing insert consumption by 90%, improving surface finish quality problems, and eliminating the high rejection rate.


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