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Welcome to Our Manufacturing Resource Center

At Steiner, we can help your business thrive with more than just reverse boring tooling solutions like the Autofacer. With manufacturing expertise spanning three generations, our team can also serve a helpful source for industry news, insights, case studies and other helpful resources.

Technical and Help Documents

Helpful materials on Steiner products, including brochures, activation methods, operating instructions and more.


What are all the applications for the Autofacer? What do Steiner solutions look like up-close or in action? See for yourself with answers from our video library.

Case Studies

How exactly does Steiner cut time, reduce costs and increase efficiency? Just take a look at some of our customers’ outcomes.

Our Blog

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How much cycle time will you save with the Autofacer? Find out in no time when you enter a few key into this Cycle Time Calculator.

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