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Are Capital Expenditures on The Rise in Manufacturing?

A few months ago, a friend of mine in plastics manufacturing shared that his firm was experiencing a substantial uptick in production. He went on to mention that to handle the surge in...

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4 Ways to Create a More Ergonomic Manufacturing Workplace

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are common in manufacturing – in fact, according to OSHA, they are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time. MSDs,...

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[Guest Blog] The Evolving Role of Tool Coatings As a Performance Booster

By guest blogger Mark Romach, Engineering/R&D Manager at Advanced Coating Service (ACS)

For machinists and shop owners who rely on tool coatings to boost performance in the most demanding...

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The Top 5 Manufacturing Events to Attend this Fall – And Why They’re So Critical

These days, there’s so much happening in manufacturing that it’s hard to keep up. For the Steiner team, one way we keep our finger on the pulse of all the goings-on in the industry is through...

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Manufacturing Memo: OSHA Ruling Aims to Improve Safety in the Workplace

The more we shine the spotlight on the topic of safety and accident-prevention, the more it raises awareness on workplace safety for manufacturers. (In fact, this topic fueled our most popular...

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3 Ways DriveWorks Software Helps Automate the Quoting Process

Generating quotations is a key piece of your business; quotes serve as a critical communication vehicle that connect your prospective customers to your product. And that means creating those...

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Making the Case for Change: 4 Ways to Approach Change Management in Manufacturing

Your manufacturing firm is considering its largest capital investment to date: a new piece of equipment that will streamline an otherwise highly manual process.

While the benefits look promising,...

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How Today’s Trends Are Fueling Innovation for Automotive Manufacturers

With vehicle production on the rise, automotive manufacturers are feeling the impact. For many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), this means investing in new machinery and/or improving...

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Steiner Q&A: The Best Reverse Boring Tool Solutions – And Why We’re So Excited About Them

Everyone here at Steiner has H. Bilz on the mind. And for good reason: our team is currently finalizing plans to add a new line of counterboring tools made by German manufacturer Hermann Bilz (H....

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Guest Blog: Building Your Manufacturing Website: Three Digital Marketing Essentials

Manufacturing Guest Blogger (Precision Marketing Group, LLC)

While some manufacturing companies are still investing in more traditional forms of advertising, such as ads in trade magazines, only...

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