Steiner Technologies The World Leader in Automatic Back Boring

Works with Manufacturers to Increase Part Profitability by:

Reducing part process time by 80% or more

Eliminating Costly Secondary Operations

Automating their Manufacturing Processes

Enhancing Machinist/Operator Safety


Video of the Autofacer® 

 Steiner Autofacer back boring video


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 Video Animation of the Autofacer® 


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Steiner Autofacer case studies, Steiner Success stories


Steiner Technologies produces a family of automatic

back boring tools called the Autofacer®

that are dedicated to improving your ability to speed up cycle times

and improving your part profitability. 

Remember how Steiner can help you:

Eliminates Secondary Operation 

Improves Part Profitability

Reduces Reverse Machining Cycle Times

Increase Throughput

Eliminates Operator Intervention for Worker Safety


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